Richard Serra at Gagosian Gallery West 24th Street

This is the third major showing I have seen of Richard Serra’s sculptural work. I was lucky enough to see “The Matter of Time” at the Guggenheim in Bilbao and “Monumenta 2008” at the Grand Palais in Paris many years ago. Each time I experience Serra’s massive steel totems and flowing waves of steel I am moved by the works monumental structure and the way the planes of their shapes and the sheer power of their forms effect the viewer.  There is something gravitational about the scale and the heft of these objects. They have the weight of presence. Yet if they were purely an exercise in scale they might simply feel like empty monoliths, but these colossi have a weathered textural presence that speaks to history and the weight of influence that time takes with objects. These objects have soul. One at once feels the gravity of of one’s place in time and the inevitable passage of all things in their weathered surfaces.


Every Which Way, 2015, Weatherproof Steel, Sixteen slabs, Total 11′ x 53′ 6″ x 21′





Silence (for John Cage), 2015, Forged steel, One slab 16″ x 29′ 6″ x 9′ 2″



Through, 2015, Forged steel, Three slabs each 9′ 2″ x 29′ 6″ x 16″





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