Paula Roland: Navigating at Conrad Wilde Gallery


Paula Roland has a new exhibition, Navigating,  currently running alongside the 9th Encaustic Invitational at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson.        Paula’s ethereal monotypes have their visual roots in her childhood on the Gulf of Mexico. There is something both loose, expansive and yet delicately structured in these prints. They seem to roll like the sea, and the way they are mounted off the walls heightens their sense of breath, in and out, like waves.

For more information about Paula and her work:


 View of the right wall. From left: Navigating Series: True North, Undertow and Uncharted


Paula Roland Navigating Series: Uncharted Encaustic Monotype 40″ x 20″


Paula Roland Navigating Series: True North Encaustic Monotype 40″ x 20″


Paula Roland From left: Navigating Series: You Are Here and True North 


Paula Roland Navigating Series: You Are Here Encaustic Monotype 40″ x 20″


From left: Paula Roland Navigating SeriesPortal, Ocean at my Feet and Passage, Encaustic Monotype Collage, dimensions variable

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