Natalie Edgar – Abstract Journey at Woodward Gallery

I had the recent good fortune of seeing Natalie Edgar’s show Abstract Journey at Woodward Gallery in New York. Woodward Gallery was my first stop on a 2-day round of gallery visits in the city. Natalie’s show set the bar very high. You could feel the shimmering color vibrating all the way out on the street. The works have a delicate muscularity. The paintings feel lighter than air, but the expressive brush work grounds them. They are at once buoyant and anchored. I could hardly stop myself from leaping into them.


Island of Hydra, 2010, Oil on Canvas 46″ x 56″


Letter From Uccello #1, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 42″ x 56″


Letter From Uccello #1  (Detail)


Bentley with Watermark in the background


Watermark, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 46″ x 56″


Excursions, 2011, Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 42″


South Ferry, 2013, OIl on Canvas, 42″ x 55″


South Ferry (Detail)


Letter From Uccello #2, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 42″ x 56″


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