Pius Fox at Pablo’s Birthday


I got a chance to see the exquisite works of Berlin based Pius Fox at Pablo’s Birthday on the lower east side recently. To say this show is a gem is an understatement. I was positively vibrating when I stepped back out onto the street after viewing this show. The works are, on the whole, quite small. Many are just around 9″ x 7″ and yet they pack quite a punch. They have a certain contained gravity as if tiny abstract worlds had been compressed into the picture plane. They draw you in like tiny windows daring the viewer to come closer, and then they capture you. These works reminded me of the concentrated power of the small cigar box lids of Richard Diebenkorn. They have that same focused energy. Light, but powerful. Like if you cut one open it would engulf the room.





IMG_2497 IMG_2494




IMG_2500 copy


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