Harmony Hammond at Alexander Gray Associates


Bandaged Grid #1, 2015, Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas 44.25″ x 76.5″ x 5″

I’ve never thought of canvas like skin but these works by Harmony Hammond in her recent solo at Alexander Gray Associates have a corporeal aspect. They are distinctly mortal. From the moment one enters the gallery and turns left to see Bandaged Grid #1. One feels the presence of body and all of the serene messiness that comes with being human. These works are peeled, torn, painted, pierced and layered. Yet nothing is obvious. One must lean in to really listen to them and see them as they are. These pieces felt like the doors between the living and the dead in Egyptian Mastabas. One foot distinctly in the physical world at once fleshy, mortal and concrete, and yet simultaneously of the mystical realm.

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Bandaged Grid #1 (Detail)


Bandaged Grid #1 (Detail)


Ledger Drawings, 2015, One of Suite of Five Ink on Paper, 11.75″ x 9.5″


Ledger Drawings (Detail)


From left: Naples Grid and Things Various


Naples Grid, 2015, Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 80.25″ x 54.5″ x 5


Things Various, 2015, Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 80.25″ x 54.25″ x 5


White Rims #7, 2015, Monotype on Paper with Metal Grommets, 47″ x 33.5″


White Rims #7 (Detail)


White Rims #4, 2015, Monotype on Paper with Metal Grommets, 47″ x 33.5″

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