Electric Lady Land at REBEL art space

Electric Lady Land at REBEL art space in the Back Street Arts District in Palm Springs is a survey of 14 LA based female artists curated by Susan Carter Hall. The show is part of REBEL art space’s goal to introduce local art collectors to a wide range of new and established talent, and this curatorial cross pollination at REBEL is a growing trend locally to bring LA based artists to the Coachella valley to show their work. One of the first curators to do this was Mike McLain, an LA and Coachella based artist, who began a geographic creative cross pollination project at the Coachella Valley Art Center called LAnCV. But Electric Lady Land strikes its own path by focusing solely on female artists from the LA area.

For more information about REBEL art space please check out their website at



Dianna Cohen, rainbow us, Plastic bags and thread, 2010


Dianna Cohen (detail))


Suné Woods, In Flight(3), Mixed media collage, 2016


Stephanie Vovas, Rachel in Los Angeles, Archival pigment print, 2015


Tanya Batura, Monochrome J, Clay & acrylic, 2010


Essi Zimm, I am the King of  the Cats, Mixed media collage and oil on panel board, 2016


Essi Zimm (detail)


Laurie Yehia, 18 AT BAY, Switch plates and oil paint on wood panel, 2016


Maja Ruznic, The Forgiver Has Forgiven But Emotional Memory Lingers

Oil on Canvas, 2016


Maja Ruznic, (detail)


Susan Carter Hall, In Loving Memory, Oil on Canvas, 2015


Susan Carter Hall (detail)


Erin Morrison, Red Palm, Ink and wax on gypsum cement, 2016


Erin Morrison (detail)


Kim Kei, Was it You, Was it Me, Ink and oil on paper, 2015

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